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Bram Chauvin

Founder of DnResult.com

What Bram Chauvin has to say :

When I just started out domaining I realized quickly that I was not doing it as efficiently as I was hoping for. I didn’t make a lot of sales and the ones I did were not as high as I would have hoped for them to be. Sounds familiar?

After a lot of trial and error I decided to have my own domain portfolio platform developed. This way all my domains could be displayed under one roof and thus making the process of marketing and selling my domains much more easy. And this is how DnResult.com was born. DnResult is all about domain portfolio management. An all in one solution that allows domainers to create a professional domain showcase and sale system with an easy to manage backend and an integrated content management system (CMS) with WYSIWYG capabilities so you don’t need any knowledge of HTML to create stunning content pages.

DnResult.com offers the most powerful tools to manage and sell your domains and was build with tons of features such as the possiblity to add unlimited domains, domain extensions and categories, create content pages without any HTML knowledge, fully automated offer/counter offer system for professional and transparent negotiations, bulk domain upload, standard IDN domain name support, sponsor management to create multiple ways of revenue, META tags integration, one-click backup system and so much more… Plus it comes with unlimited free updates and support. What more can you ask for?

DnResult.com was created with one purpose in mind: To allow domainers like you and me to sell their domains on their own platform and keep all the profits by cutting out the middleman! After all, isn’t that what we all want.. to make more money?

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